tl;dr I don't care about your data

The reason why websites often collect a lot of data from you is that they use personalized advertising. They set third-party cookies, track you through their partner sites and show you interest-based ads to increase their profits.

As all content on this site is free and I have no plans to ever make money from it either, I don't have to know anything about you.

The site is completely usable without providing any personal data, except for the guestbook and the contact form. Of course I need your email address there to answer you, right? 😊 However, since there is no obligation to enter your real name, these functions can also be used without entering any personal data.

No tracking cookies are set when you visit this website. Only two cookies are created that store the browser's color scheme (light or dark) and the user preference to enable automatic switching between versions and to allow the visitor to switch between modes manually. Both cookies expire either after 30 days or when you delete your cookies in the browser settings.

Contents of the cookies created:
$_COOKIE['colorScheme']: not yet set.
$_COOKIE['userPreference']: not yet set.

Apart from that, only standard server logs are created which include your IP address, browser name, clicks, operating system and country. There is no linking of your IP address with other data. These server log files are necessary for the proper operation of the website.

Long story short: I have no interest in your data. I have no use for your data. I don't want your data. Apart from standard log files, which are automatically generated during your visit, nothing is collected or analyzed from you.