just a heads up²

I will probably update all my templates soon if I am not suddenly too lazy again. Maybe I'll also finally add the...

miracles still happen

Phew. I finally uploaded my old news skins that I used to offer on my old website Designfreaks. I don't know if anyone...


I have updated the Starter Kit. It now consists of three optional CSS files, which I have also uploaded individually in...

lights out

The dark mode is (finally) back! Actually, it should have been there from the beginning but I was lazy and kept putting...

nothing has changed

The website doesn't look much different, but in fact (almost) everything is new. After not changing anything in the...

just a heads up

I have partially modernized and refreshed the design. Therefore the thumbnails all had to be resized. You may need to...

happy new year!

better late than never; happy new year! not a fan of new year's resolutions, but good luck with yours!

oh so quiet

I started too many projects at the same time and haven't finished any of them yet. Why am I like this.

weekend, finally!

Maybe I‘ll add Wordpress versions for the templates soon. Started working on it yesterday. No ETA, though.

I hate titles

Patterns are now grouped if they exist in multiple styles. Now it's a little less overwhelming when I upload multiple...